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Multi Camera Production:

  • Recording Studio Sessions

  • Live Events

  • Live Concerts

  • Live Streams

Live Production:

  • Live Editing

  • Live Streaming

  • Virtual Events

Post Production:

  • Multicam Editing

  • Documentary/EPK Editing

  • Audio Mixing

Video Samples:


Previous Clients:


Emmet Cohen (Live at Emmet's Place)

Samara Joy

Steven Feifke

Benny Benack III

Chad LB

Troy Roberts

Vail Jazz Foundation

Javier Nero

Yotam Silberstein

Tamir Hendelman

Brian Lynch

Young Musicians Unite

Jazz Empowers

Dan Pugach

Danny Jonokuchi




  • Panasonic Cinema 4K Box Cameras

    • Lumix S1H, BS1H, BGH1



  • Leica Summilux

  • Lumix S Pro 

  • Sigma Art Primes



  • Ikan Lyra Soft LED Panels

Live Production:

  • Blackmagic Switcher/Encoder/Recorder

  • VMix Software


Post Production:

  • Final Cut Pro X

  • Davinci Resolve

Audio Recording/Live Mixing:

  • Available as add-on

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